Muslim, Christian and Jewish Women Who Share the Vision of Understanding:

The panel brought together Muslim Christian and Jewish women who share the vision of understanding, tolerance, and peace. The focus was on the commonalities between the respective religions at the heart of which lie values of coexistence and respect. A world that is free of religion-driven violence must start with a compassionate dialogue between peoples of various faiths where similarities are emphasized and bridges of acceptance are built.

Speakers (left to right) were Rev. Patricia Ackerman, Dr. Diana Pinto, USFMEP President Mrs. Salwa Kader, Mrs. Aida Alzhanova Kazakhstan Permanent mission to the UN diplomat, and Mrs. June Jacobs, at the CSW53 Conference at the United nations


Muslims’ and Hindus’ Vision of Understanding, Tolerance and Peace.

United Nations Headquarters;
Wednesday, December 3, 2008;

In recognition of 2009 as the “Year of Reconciliation” and promotion of the Culture, of Peace, the USFMEP explores this theme in a discussion on our commonality through spirituality and consciousness. Cosponsored by H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj, Spiritual Leader,The Veda Foundation and, International Society for Krishna Consciousness.  This was an extremely successful conference with a universal prayer for the victims of Bombay atrocities.  It was greatly appreciated by Indian nationals.