2009 Woman of the Year Humanitarian Award

The United States Federation for Middle East Peace was pleased to honor Mrs. Mounira El Solhi with the “2009 Woman of the Year Humanitarian Award” for her outstanding contributions for the fight for peace and empowerment of women in Lebanon and around the world. Mrs. Mounira El Solhi was a pioneer advocate for women rights and people with disabilities. She was also a humanitarian with decades of humanitarian and charity work and the examples are numerous. Mrs. El Solhi was born on September 19th, 1911, and was also one of the first women in Lebanon and the Middle East to run for seat in the political scene in Lebanon. She ran for a seat in the Lebanese Parliament in 1960, 1964, and 1968. She was also one of the prominent female leaders of the demonstrations that led Lebanon to gain its independence in 1943. She was one of the earliest women to attend university in Lebanon and the Arab World. Mounira Solhi graduated from the Lebanese American University in 1933.  Mrs. Mounira El Solhi founded Al-Amal institute for the disabled in 1959, being the first center of such a kind in Lebanon and the Arab world. Mrs. Mounira has also received several medals and rewards as the Gold Clover from President Nixon in 1971 and the 1972 award from President Nixon for her achievements on the President’s committee on Employment, among others. Mounira Solh was also the vice-president of the Lebanese Council of Women and a life member of the International Council of Women. Fortunately, the USFMEP had the opportunity to collaborate with such a great world peace fighter and supporter to promote woman rights and values in the whole world.