March for Peace

December 19, 2005 – USFMEP President, and First V. president with International delegation participated with Muslim and Christian youth organizations in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (International Peace walk), under the auspices of Minister of Youth Dr. Mamdouh El-Beltagui, and the Governor of  Sinai region Major General Mr. Mostafa Afifi . The focus of Peace walk is to sponsor the International Year of Sport and Physical Education, which provides a unique opportunity to focus the world’s attention on the importance of sport in society and on how sport and physical education programmers can be used as tools to help utilize sport for peace; Seeking to reap the benefits of sports for peace building, socio-economic development and health, The US Federation for Middle East Peace adopted a policy declaration aimed at national governments around the world.

Children in Slavery

Children in Slavery – The 21st Century Summit in November 2005, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC

Mrs. Kader participated as a panelist at this Human Trafficking Summit whose audience included business leaders and the international diplomatic community.

They heard from experts who work on the frontlines who investigate human trafficking in all of its 8 faces: sex, war, and labor slavery, sex tourism, Internet Child Pornography, organ and skin trafficking, and ritual abuse torture, which has been recognized by the UN. What made this Summit unique was its attempt to break the glass ceiling and encourage others who are not necessarily part of this arena to become educated, empowered, and engaged in this worldwide campaign to end human trafficking NOW.

Almost 50% of those enslaved in the 21st Century are children. The Summit was endorsed by Jan Eliasson, President of the UN General Assembly, President George W. Bush, The US State Department, Australian Embassy, law enforcement, and business leaders. Mr. Claude Allen, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy at The White House was one of the Speakers. 

There are great immediate needs worldwide to promote awareness of this plight as Investigative Journalist Christine Dolan, the organizer of the Summit said, “This is a global shame shared by all of us. Every ten minutes around the clock and cross the globe, there are between 15-76 new trafficked victims. This is a global phenomenon with drastically dangerous ramifications not only for society but for future generations to come.”

 As a result of this Summit, the momentum is growing with a worldwide bipartisan international coalition. SSTOP – Students Stopping Trafficking of Persons has been launched.

The International Students Trafficking Summit is being held in DC at Georgetown University Feb 24-26, 2006. This Coalition is  reaching out to all Heads of State and Business leaders worldwide to put the fight against human trafficking in the 21st Century at the top of their agendas. In 2007, The Coalition will execute a worldwide multi-dimensional campaign and join forces with other organizations with one goal in mind – to decrease slavery worldwide. Mrs. Kader is an Ambassador of “Children in Slavery – The 21st Century” 2007 Campaign.

Children in Slavery Summit

USFMEP President Sally Kader participated as a panelist at the Children in Slavery 21st Century Summit at Georgetown University in November 2005. The summit, which discussed Human Trafficking, had an audience that included business leaders and

the international diplomatic community. The summit presented experts who work on the

front lines investigating human trafficking in its eight faces: sex, war, labor slavery, sex tourism, child pornography, organ and skin, ritual abuse, and torture.

This event was unique in that it encouraged the public and persons not necessarily part of this arena to become educated, empowered and engaged in the

worldwide campaign to end human trafficking now. Almost 50 percent of those enslaved in this century are children. The summit was endorsed by His Excellency Jan Eliasson, president of the UN General Assembly, U.S. President George W. Bush, the

U.S. State Department, the Australian Embassy, many law enforcement agencies and several prominent business leaders. Claude Allen, Assistant to the President for  Domestic Policy at the White house, was one of the speakers. Journalist Christine Dolan, the organizer of this event, said, “This is a global shame shared by all of

us. Every ten minutes around the clock and across the globe, there are between 15 to 76 new trafficked victims. This is a global phenomenon with drastically dangerous ramifications not only for society but for future generations to come.”

As a result of the Human Trafficking Summit, a worldwide bipartisan coalition was launched. Students Stopping Trafficking of Persons (SSTOP) aims to continue fighting the injustices done to trafficking victims. The International Students Trafficking Summit was held in Washington D.C. at Georgetown University on February 24-26, 2006. In 2007, SSTOP executed a world-wide multi-dimensional campaign and joined forces with other organizations with one goal in mind: to decrease slavery around the world. Kader is an Ambassador of “Children in Slavery: the 21st Century” 2007 campaign.

International Peace Day conference 2005

September 21, 2005 – USFMEP celebrated the International Peace Day conference in Cairo, Egypt. Over 1600 persons attended this celebration held at the Remises Hilton hotel; between the Audiences were Mr. President Hosni Mubarak’s Political advisor, his Excellency Osama Al-Baz, and many Egyptian Ministers, as well as members of the parliament, scholars and religious leaders.

Delegations from USFMEP Headquarter in New York headed by Mrs. Sally Kader consist of United States Congressman and New York City commissioner. Mrs. Kader opened the celebration with warm welcome and outlined the organization’s goals for peace, through cross-cultural, inter faith dialogue, peace education and denouncing all forms of violence. Representing Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan in Egypt Ms. Majada Khorshid read a speech on his behalf to the audience; in his speech, he commanded the countries stand against violence and assuring that peace will be the United Nations first priority. At the end, Mrs. Sally Kader awarded the Peace shield to President Mubarak for his continuous efforts towards peace in the region and enhancing the role of women in his country.

US Federation Members Celebrating the International Day of Peace

Remises Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Osama Al-Baz, President Mubarak First Political Advisor, receiving the peace award on behalf of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt from USFMEP President Mrs. Sally Kader, Vice. President. Al-Fadaly and Egyptian Actor Mr. Ahmed Maher showing the Peace Shield award during the ceremony.

The International Day of Peace “is meant to be a day of global cease-fire, when all countries and all people stop all hostilities for the entire day. And it is a day on which people around the world observe a minute of silence at 12 noon local time. […]And let us pledge to do our utmost to carry out the important decisions on peace taken by last week’s 2005 World Summit.”

— Kofi Annan —
United Nations Secretary-General
21 September 2005

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‘05 Peace Conference with Muslim Youth Association

Numerous government officials, dignitaries and diplomats attended the 2005 USFMEP United Nations International Peace Day Conference held under the auspices of the Minister of International Cooperation and the Minister of Youth in Cairo Egypt.

Among those participating in the conference with Sally Kader, USFMEP president and Ralph Kader – UN Diplomat – USFMEP board advisor, Dr. Moufid Shihab – Egyptian Minister of Legal Affairs, and Dr. Ahmed Darwish – Egyptian Minister of Economic Develpoment. Numerous religious leaders participated including those from El Azher Mosque, the local Catholic Church and a Vatican Envoy, the Coptic Christian Church, and other denominations as well as other significant government officials, heads of Universities, leading area scholars and notable Egyptian actors and actresses. Master Mahmoud Badry, General President of the Muslim Youth Associations and Counselor Ahmed El Fadaly – representing the USFMEP and the Muslim Youth Associations – were engaged in the conference as well. In an overwhelming show of unity regarding Mrs. Kader’s challenge to all attending, the crowd joined hands in a vow of peace keeping. Footage of this monumental peace vow was aired repeatedly on all major Middle Eastern television stations. In her concluding remarks, Kader plead with the audience to “…committ to joining your hands now in working towards peace in the region.”

The audience gesture in taking Kader’s challenge is historically significant due to the high level of dignitaries
affirming her call for peace.