The Chinese Ambassador Spouse received the prestigious award from the United States Federation for Middle East Paace for her outstanding diplomacy and peace efforts around the world


On behalf of the U.S. Federation for Middle East Peace, I extend our sincerest congratulations to you for being selected as the recipient of our 2013 Ambassador for Peace and Diplomacy Award. Your outstanding accomplishments and vivacious spirit, coupled with your generosity and warmth, embody the very essence of diplomacy and cooperation. You have embraced the very core objectives of the USFMEP, and we are truly honored and privileged to recognize your achievements with this award.
In the many years that I have been a part of the United Nations family and have representatives, you are amongst the few of the most notable individuals that I have encountered. I genuinely believe you are a major asset to your country for your authentic charm, and tireless efforts.
You are one of the most dynamic ladies that I have met, and you certainly showed me a side of China that I have never seen before. Thank you for your friendship, your understanding, and most of all for your love and kindness.
For over a decade, USFMEP has been promoting peace through cross-cultural respect, religious tolerance, and the empowerment of women and youth. As a representative of the values and principles of the United Nations, USFMEP has branches at all of the United Nations Regional Headquarters with liaison offices in fourteen major cities, spanning over four continents.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It is not enough to talk about peace; one must highly selective Ambassador for Peace and Diplomacy Award could not have gone to a more devoted and deserving individual. We thank you for your continuous efforts in encouraging international peace, diplomacy and cross-cultural awareness.

As you leave these shores we all will sorely miss you. May you be blessed for all that you have done for us and for making this world a better place. Your timeless energy and willingness to help, despite your tremendously busy schedule, will always be admired. Meanwhile, your charming smile and artistic spirit will be forever missed.
Again, please accept my warmest congratulations on receiving this wonderful distinction. It is richly deserved.

Very truly yours,
Mrs. Sally (Salwa) Kader, President