Laws on Violence Against Women and Girls

March 13, 2013 The United States Federation for Middle Eastern Peace (USFMEP) hosted a panel of female judges to discuss this immensely important topic that focuses on laws that encourage violence against women and girls that seek to break the restrictive mold, and achieve equality amongst men in the culture. Hosted by Salwa Kader, founder and president of USFMEP, panelists included: Honorable Elizabeth Lamb, immigration judge from the United States; Honorable Helene Iskandar, criminal court judge from Lebanon; Honorable Cathy H. Serrette, judicial circuit court judge from Maryland; Honorable Doris Pechkurow, Pennsylvannia Court of Common Pleas judge; Professor Diane Rosenfeld, lecturer on Law and Director of the Gender Violence Program, Harvard Law School; and Dr. Burcu K. Oguzturk, Professor at Istanbul University Law School