Building Capacity for Peace

PIC_0372 What is it to Build the Capacity for Peace?

“Every time we come together, we put another brick in the wall and the diverse bricks fit together in this wall to create overall unity and base to support our different views. Every dialogue I conduct is building a capacity for peace.

I believe that the only way we can understand one another is to come to the table.

For many years the US Federation for Middle East Peace has uprooted prejudice at every level through dialoguing and conducting interfaith and cross-cultural conferences.”

– Salwa Kader,
Transcript from Speech at Capacity for Peace

In recognizing the 2009 International Year of Reconciliation and Culture of Peace, the USFMEP hosted an Inter-Faith Dialogue that supports peace building, conflict prevention, and protection of Human Rights and Dignity.

In the words of Mrs. Kader, USFMEP President ,”The international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian issues that we are suffering today due to conflicts that have affected and divided societies in their various internal, national and international levels require the rule of law with the principles of justice. This is the sure way to lead to initiation and process in promoting international cooperation to resolve world disputes.

Speaking at the event was:

Introductions by:  Ambassador Francis Lorenzo of Dominican Republic
Moderated by: Mrs. Salwa Kader, US Federation for Middle East, President

HH Bhakti Charu Swami, spiritual leader, ISKCON.
Imam Shamsi Ali, Imam at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York
H.E. Archbishop Celestino Migliore, JCD, DD, Holy See.

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