US Federation Members Celebrating the International Day of Peace

Remises Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Osama Al-Baz, President Mubarak First Political Advisor, receiving the peace award on behalf of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt from USFMEP President Mrs. Sally Kader, Vice. President. Al-Fadaly and Egyptian Actor Mr. Ahmed Maher showing the Peace Shield award during the ceremony.

The International Day of Peace “is meant to be a day of global cease-fire, when all countries and all people stop all hostilities for the entire day. And it is a day on which people around the world observe a minute of silence at 12 noon local time. […]And let us pledge to do our utmost to carry out the important decisions on peace taken by last week’s 2005 World Summit.”

— Kofi Annan —
United Nations Secretary-General
21 September 2005

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