‘05 Peace Conference with Muslim Youth Association

Numerous government officials, dignitaries and diplomats attended the 2005 USFMEP United Nations International Peace Day Conference held under the auspices of the Minister of International Cooperation and the Minister of Youth in Cairo Egypt.

Among those participating in the conference with Sally Kader, USFMEP president and Ralph Kader – UN Diplomat – USFMEP board advisor, Dr. Moufid Shihab – Egyptian Minister of Legal Affairs, and Dr. Ahmed Darwish – Egyptian Minister of Economic Develpoment. Numerous religious leaders participated including those from El Azher Mosque, the local Catholic Church and a Vatican Envoy, the Coptic Christian Church, and other denominations as well as other significant government officials, heads of Universities, leading area scholars and notable Egyptian actors and actresses. Master Mahmoud Badry, General President of the Muslim Youth Associations and Counselor Ahmed El Fadaly – representing the USFMEP and the Muslim Youth Associations – were engaged in the conference as well. In an overwhelming show of unity regarding Mrs. Kader’s challenge to all attending, the crowd joined hands in a vow of peace keeping. Footage of this monumental peace vow was aired repeatedly on all major Middle Eastern television stations. In her concluding remarks, Kader plead with the audience to “…committ to joining your hands now in working towards peace in the region.”

The audience gesture in taking Kader’s challenge is historically significant due to the high level of dignitaries
affirming her call for peace.