United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

March 8, 2005 UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW2005) – “The Rights of Muslim Women: Islam and Tradition.” The panel, moderated, by the US Federation President included the following speakers: Mrs. Mona Mikhail, author and professor of Arabic Literature and Women’s Studies at New York University. She lectures, and publishes extensively on Arabic Literature as well as the role and status of women in Arab societies. Her most recent book “Seen and Heard; A Century of Arab Women in Literature and Culture” Interlink 2004, was chosen as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice, The American Library Association Journal for 2005. Following Mrs. Mikhail was Dr. Nahid Mozaffari, editor of the PEN Anthology of Contemporary Persian Literature. She has taught Middle Eastern history at the New School in New York, and at Cabot University in Rome, Italy. She received her Ph.D. in history and Middle Eastern studies from Harvard University. Nahid recently published the book, “Strange Times, My Dear.” Much covered in news worldwide, this book is known as the, “The book over which Arcade Publishing sued the U.S. Government.” After defeating unconstitutional US censorship, the book launched in the United States making history, and showcasing the developments in Iranian literature over the past quarter-century. Mrs. Safiyya Sarkin, a representative of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, an NGO at United Nations.


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