Commission on the Status of Women

US Federations had two side events panel discussion at the United Nations Church Center the Moderator was Salwa Kader is an expert and accomplished public speaker on issues involving Women in the Middle East. She has visited women’s organizations in the Middle East to discuss the roles of women towards building peace. The involvement of women in conflict resolution is one of the Federation’s core objectives as well as the elevation of women’s status in Middle Eastern societies and how to increase awareness on levels and global levels. She is currently the President of the U.S. Federation for Peace, an organization which promotes dialog between the United States and the Arab World, she also working on promoting the role of women in the peace process. (
In addition to her activities in pursuing peace and reconciliation, she is strong supporter for women’s rights around the world. She serves as the Director of the UN Women’s Guild for Manhattan as well as being a member of the International alliance of women in New York.

Last fall on International Peace Day, Salwa flew to Cairo, Egypt, to give the keynote address to a multinational group assembled for the event.
for the two Panels that took parts along the side of the Commission on the Status of Women held
at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

February 28th – March, 11th 2005

1. The Rights of Muslim Women:Islam and Tradition

The Panel are left to right: Ms. Safiyya Srkin ( member of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Science), Mrs. Salwa Kader (USFMEP President and the Moderator), Ms. Mona Mikhail (Professor of Arabic Literature and Women’s study at New York University), and Ms. Nahid Mozaffari ( Ph.D. in history and Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University).

2. Women in Islam:East Meets West

The Panel are left to right: Mrs. Najat Ikhich (Ytto Foundation, Casablanca, Morocco), Mrs. Salwa Kader  (USFMEP, President), Ms. Hadil El-kholy (CELWA of Cairo, Egypt) and Mrs. Suad Marafie (Senior Aerobiologist and Social activist with the Kuwaiti women voluntary society for humanity service, Kuwait).


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