The International Peace Forum 2004

October 2nd, 2004, The U.S. Federation for Middle East Peace, in collaboration with the International Muslim Youth Organization, hosted The International Peace Forum in conjunction with United Nations International Peace Day. The conference was held in Cairo, Egypt, with the cooperation from the Egyptian government. The conference was attended by a representative of President Mubarak’s First Advisor, Dr. Al-Baz, UN Representative, Dizan Durani, the Under Secretary General for the Arab League – ambassadors and diplomats from over 80 countries Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the Grand Mufti (Islamic Judge) al-Azhar mosque in Cairo, a Christian Coptic leader, representatives of the Pope from the Vatican, presidents of major Egyptian universities, the president of the Middle East Lawyers Association, and the Egyptian National Council for Women, which is headed by Mrs. Suzan Mubarak, the Egyptian First Lady. Federation President, Sally Kader initiated discussions with the participants of the conference on ways to overcome the lack of trust and understanding between the cultures involved in conflicts in the Middle East. Through these discussions, participants helped formulate principles for lasting peace and outline actions to develop collective attitudes toward peace.


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